Social Media Image Dimension Reference Guide

Social Media is prevalent to our business and daily life. It helps us to create interactions and relationships with our clients, customers, and suppliers. But with the ever changing digital designs trend, social media platform tend to change with the trend as well, sometime drastically and other times subtly.

It is always beneficial for a digital marketer and/or creative manager to keep his-herself up to date. By doing so you have the current knowledge of the aesthetic you want to design and share.

Recently, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn have change there look or adapted a new feature. For Instagram it was the inclusion of the multiple photos feature; where as, for YouTube and LinkedIn were the minimalist design look.

Nobody likes a botched design, out-of-the-screen picture, or a bloated image. It is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye a out-of-shape cropped image. Customer tends not to spend too much time concentrating on an image if its distort.

For your social media image dimension reference guide:

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How to Lock a Potential Client at a Convention

First you’re going to identify possible influencers and/or decision makers from your top ten prospects. During the break-out sessions and refreshment breaks between each presentation, You will have the chance to network with your prospects and to set a meeting with them for demonstration of your product/service.

Before going to the meeting you need to have a set of goals written on a single sheet of paper. Your goals need to be clear and precise:

  • To network with influencers and decision makers
  • To set a meeting at their office
  • To demonstrate a personalized application of your product/service

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A Template for Your Professional Bio, Why You Need It?

The professional bio is the first and foremost the imperative copy you need to write about yourself.  

We need to have these three elements in personal branding [professional bio], stated by Schawbel:

  • Value Proposition: What do you stand for?
  • Differentiation: What makes you stand out?
  • Marketability: What makes you compelling?

How we can incorporate the above three elements into a compelling headline for you to use; whether it be on a business card, resume profile, portfolio or LinkedIn bio. It gives a professional guise about yourself and helps the reader to understand you in less than 30 seconds.

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