Engagement Marketing

Marketo, a leading marketing software company, released an e-book on ‘The 5 Principles of Engagement Marketing’ they state, engagement marketing is about creating meaningful interactions with people.

Their principal based on who they are (As individuals) and what they do, continuously over time. It’s marketing that engages people towards a goal (Direct towards an outcome). Wherever they are, and it’s marketing that is backed by both creative vision and hard data. …

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In this digital era of social media, big data and ever-changing algorithms; we are able to collect, process and create a specific behavior pattern of the consumer. This enable marketers to create an innovative, personal and effective hands on campaign; which allows access to the customers to communicate with the brand by engaging through social networking and/or participating live with the brand. Engagement Marketing helps to make an interactive relationship between the brand and consumer into an intimate bond.


Olympics; A brands’ advertising oil mine

RIO summer Olympics, 2016, is just shy of 100 days. The competitive games will began from 5th August till 21st August. It gives brands 16 days to advertise both to a local and global audience? Well, not exactly the campaigning our well under way from the Olympics’ TOP partners. You might ask, how much does it cost to be a TOP partner? According to Forbes, Procter & Gamble paid a billion dollars for a 4-Year Olympiad cycle; where they can advertise their different brands, including Gillette, Head & Shoulders and Tide.

Gillette just even launched its ‘Perfect Isn’t Pretty’ 2016 Olympic games :30 second spot starring various athletes; but the spot more focus on Neymar Jr., Brazilian footballer, who also plays for Barcelona FC. I can see why the focus is on Neymar as he is more globally renowned than the other athletes present in the ad. Continue reading “Olympics; A brands’ advertising oil mine”

Advertising in Pakistan

Pakistan situated in the South-Central Asia is a neighboring country to two BRIC countries, India and China, this show the importance of economic prosperity in Pakistan.  It has an estimated population of 180 million where the dominant religion is Islam.

PEMRA (PAKISTAN ELECTRONIC MEDIA REGULATORY AUTHORITY) is the government regulating body for advertising in Pakistan. Pakistan have 15 regulations for advertising and the most important of those 15 are: Continue reading “Advertising in Pakistan”