Pakistan situated in the South-Central Asia is a neighboring country to two BRIC countries, India and China, this show the importance of economic prosperity in Pakistan.  It has an estimated population of 180 million where the dominant religion is Islam.

PEMRA (PAKISTAN ELECTRONIC MEDIA REGULATORY AUTHORITY) is the government regulating body for advertising in Pakistan. Pakistan have 15 regulations for advertising and the most important of those 15 are:

Does not glorifies adultery, lustful passions or alcoholic drinks or the non-Islamic values.

Does not contains indecent, vulgar, or offensive themes or treatment.

Lets see, few examples of Spots that showcase the Pakistani culture and heritage; And where it’s moving too.


Key Insight

People like to share and eat sweets when celebrating.


Cadbury is a sweet Milk Chocolate  that you can share when celebrating.

Organizing Idea

Showing different events; where people celebrate with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate.


The theme centers around the word ‘celebrate’. In the ad narrator explains the different connotations of the word ‘celebration’ like sweetness with every occasion, sweetness with every victory, sweetness of gift. The ad has a whole-heart feel to the music playing in the background. It showcase different cultural festivities and events to celebrate; where both family and friends are celebrating. The ad has a warm, family-oriented and celebratory tone.


Key Insight

Milk becomes more important during the month of Ramadan.


Olper’s milk is used in different food items to prepare the meal in Ramadan.

Organizing Idea

Showing Olper’s milk being used in traditional food that are especially made during the holy month of Ramadan.


Theme engulfs the Islamic tradition with a tune played in background which is a hymn. People are performing different Islamic practices like wudu, cleanliness of oneself with water before praying. The ad also shows major cities of Pakistan focusing on the unity of the country. The tone it sets for is religious, empathetic and humble; also showing families and friends having meals together.


Key Insight

People like to enjoy and hangout with friends, and prefer refreshments/beverages with their food.


7-UP is a nice beverage and the perfect combination with your  food.

Organizing Idea

Showing group of friends hanging out while eating food and drinking 7-UP


The theme represents the millennials of Pakistan having fun and enjoying food; also playing catchy music with the repetitive use of the tagline in the lyrics, ‘Manalo food ka love with 7-UP’ translates to ‘Make love with Food with 7-UP.’ It also represents many Pakistani traditional foods.

Pakistan mostly revolves the theme around, friends,– family values,– food and –Islamic practices; that’s not all comic ads are also heavily used in the advertising. Pakistani like to remain close to their culture and heritage.They are more involved as a united society and showcase the caring nature of the people. Music is an integral part of advertising. Pakistan is an emerging advertising industry both in the print and television media. According to JWT report, in 2015 around 50 million people will use internet, therefore now the focus is towards online advertising.


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