RIO summer Olympics, 2016, is just shy of 100 days. The competitive games will began from 5th August till 21st August. It gives brands 16 days to advertise both to a local and global audience? Well, not exactly the campaigning our well under way from the Olympics’ TOP partners. You might ask, how much does it cost to be a TOP partner? According to Forbes, Procter & Gamble paid a billion dollars for a 4-Year Olympiad cycle; where they can advertise their different brands, including Gillette, Head & Shoulders and Tide.

Gillette just even launched its ‘Perfect Isn’t Pretty’ 2016 Olympic games :30 second spot starring various athletes; but the spot more focus on Neymar Jr., Brazilian footballer, who also plays for Barcelona FC. I can see why the focus is on Neymar as he is more globally renowned than the other athletes present in the ad.

Brands must ‘UP’ their game in order to have an effective media campaign. They need to sign an athlete ambassador for their brand; and begin a 4 month media plan which can be a perfect schedule for such timely global events. First two months of the campaign the brands must heavy up on media weight in their Social/PR promotional channels, to generate buzz, which will focus more on having an online social presence. When the Olympics starts; benefiting from the PR/Social campaign, it will boost the awareness, subsequently increasing responsiveness of the ad showcased during the Olympics. Continue to heavy up on television and digital media, where people will celebrate their favorite athletes competing consequently agreeing with the brands campaign strategy.

Olympics can be an oil mine for brands advertisement; ADWEEK reported that NBC has just procured $1 Billion in Ad Sales for RIO 2016 Olympics four months before the London 2012 Olympics. The $1 billion figure includes national broadcast, cable and digital sales.

Mark Lazarus, NBC Sports Group Chairman even stated in the SOCHI 2014 Winter Olympics, “The Olympics continue to be a must-see property on television.”

Let’s see what brands innovative advertisement campaign will bring in the RIO 2016 summer Olympics; Where the channels has grown into digital coverage, television spots and social media marketing. An amalgamation of these three channels will attribute in a successful campaign.


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