Calvin Klein newest summer’16  online campaign “I ­­­­____ in #mycalvins” has been criticized on social media over its latest Instagram advert features an ‘up-skirt’ photograph of a Klara Kristin, model,  looking down into the camera with the body copy “I  ­­__flash__ in #mycalvins”. Calvin Klein’s #mycalvins underwear campaign have featured other celebs such as Justin Beiber, Kendall Jenner, and Kendrick Lamar.

While many criticized, there were others who defended Calvin Klein’s campaign, like Connie Wang of Refinery29 mentioned in her article,

…these are consenting adults whose personal aesthetics and perspectives happen to also align with this professional project… The problem is not that sex sells and that it’s bad. The problem is that the typical story of sex we’ve been sold in the form of advertising is so cookie-cutter, so impersonal, and so anti-woman that we’ve come to think that it’s offensive, not to mention boring. These #mycalvin images are about sex, obviously.

The ‘#mycalvins’ is a successful campaign as Socialyte reported,

There are over 179,000 photos on Instagram tagged #MyCalvins. Most are selfies of lean twentysomethings in their beds and bathroom mirrors, proudly united by cotton underwear bearing the name “Calvin Klein.”

I believe ‘sex’ always has been a controversial topic in the advertising community, where the millennials are becoming more accepting towards the sexual nature of ads; but, they are also more vocal on the social media if the sexual nature of the ad is depicted only as an object. In the case of “I ____ in #mycalvins” campaign the proactive word to look at is I, because it empowers the individual to be in control of his/her — sexuality.


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