Is Big Data now a thing of the past? – Part 2

Yes, Big Data is now a thing of the past, as every marketer now know it exist and is prevalent in the marketing industry.

What is Big Data please click this link for part 1 –> Is Big Data Now a Thing of a Past – Part 1

So then what has changed?

In the past years, the programmatic advertising has been a peak achievement of the digital marketing, quick execution and companies have greatly invested their advertising capital on it. But with the stress on implementing the programmatic advertising as rapidly as possible there have been less innovative research on the concept as a whole. Hence we have not fully understand the potential of programmatic advertising.

Therefore, in recent years, data scientist have been looking into programmatic advertising with a hands on approach and have come up with Programmable Marketing. Recently AppNexus hosted an event about programmable marketing which Campaign covered and tweeted, “Catherine William: Programmatic + Intelligence = Programmable” Continue reading “Is Big Data now a thing of the past? – Part 2”