Campaign name, Old Spice Man, they are all 0:33 seconds commercial spots feature an African American male, Isaiah Mustafa former NFL player who is in every one of it.

why is it a campaign?

All the three commercial has a funny/humor tone to it. The background changes randomly in all three showcasing different and bizarre locations. The African American male monologue in all three campaigns, bewitching female audiences to convincing their male partners to change their products to Old Spice. In the end of the commercial they will play a jingle and shows the Old Spice logo with the slogan SMELL LIKE A MAN, MAN in all three commercials.


Why is this an excellent campaign?

Well according to Old Spice woman purchases 70 % of shower gels that are consumed by men. So, in the commercial the male is an attractive person with a great built and he addresses female audiences; and also convincing them in a subtle tactic that their man cannot look like him but surely can smell like him. Because of the humorous and randomness tone of the commercial it attracts the male audience as well to watch the commercial. The commercial’s nature engages with its audience and connects with them.

Can this campaign work globally?

This campaign could work globally, but with few changes such as to change the Old Spice person Isaiah Mustafa with another former or current sport celebrity. They need to choose the person respective of their region, such as in England a British celebrity may be a cricketer, in India a Bollywood actor and so on. But in some countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan mostly Middle Eastern countries to use the commercial where the person does not expose his upper body but to go with the facial features. This commercial main aspect is humor and looks, where they can be easily use globally.




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