“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” – Tom Peters in Fast Company

Personal branding according to Dan Schwabel author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, is a process in which an individual differentiate himself, stand outs from others by defining and expressing his distinctive abilities and image. An individual market himself as a brand, his own personnel trademark; what others perceive you as a single entity and what you have to offer to them. So in laymen’s term Forbes expresses that it is all about who you are and for what you want others to know about. It helps us to heighten one’s credibility, reputation and build their careers.

A successful personal brand has many process that one needs to follow.


Corresponding to Jeet Banerjee author of limitless thinking, we need to be social rather trying to do social media. Social media is a medium for us to get new connections but interactions is what keep those connections. Have a blog, share opinions, ideas and knowledge; helps to show people yourself. Be creative so that people will remember you.

Jeff Bullas, social media marketing blogger and influencer, suggest to launch a digital presence. The platform can be twitter/Facebook/blog/website have variety of media contents that appeal to the others such as text, video and images. Create an online credibility by publishing a book or your own podcast.

Social Media can make a significant impact on your career. It can mold you to become the ideal representative of yourself that is helpful for an employer and also for the client. Follow these five strategies from now, to guide you to the correct path.

Subscribe to Your Industry Newsletters and Publications

Keep yourself in the loop of the industry news, trends, updates and moguls; by following their profile, hit ‘like’ on pages, and signup for emails. Check your feed for articles, whitepapers, videos, and discussions. Now, use this material to stimulus a conversion with your boss, clients and interviewers.

Share the Information

People acknowledge you when you share, comment, retweet, and like anything related to the industry. It constructs your brand and indicates you as a well-informed individual through click of a button. Learn something new from these articles and posts. Pose a question in the comments and engage yourself in the discussions. The more you engage with the relevant information the more credibility you gain.

Manage Your Professional Look

Don’t judge a book by its cover but a simple clean cover do attract audience. Check if you have a vibrant LinkedIn profile picture. You don’t need a suit to look professional, a dress shirt tucked in pants will do—make sure the color combination compliments each other.

Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat use a casual picture. Try to avoid drinks, profanity shirts, clubs, and indecent poses for the profile picture. Ask opinion from your family member before uploading a picture.

A picture with a smile and visible teeth has much more of an impact than a closed mouth. It also gains you likability points.

About the Author

You are the author of your brand, hence the readers need to know about you. So that they can better understand the context, which is your social presence. Later, I will share a template you can follow to create a perfect bio for yourself.


LinkedIn and Facebook has an abundance of group. They helps you to interact with like-minded individuals, engage in discussion and grow your network. A group can also be a tool to find your next job or client. Discover the group you like and connect with it.

I would love to know, what social platforms do you use? And what groups you have joined?


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