Kris Jones, chairmen of Internet Marketing Ninja, we need to be authentic, as successful branders create connections by being real people. Add value, don’t sell yourself but be how valuable you are to them, share information. Lastly engage with your employees, employers and everyone which has an impact on your personal brand.


‘YOU’ is a brand! So act like a brand.

In the digital age, where more than 2 billion users are connected on the internet, how an individual can be authentic? This authenticity guarantees a higher payback whether you are an employee or a business owner. What can we do to construct an authentic and powerful brand? Well, first we need to understand, what people want us to associate with. Ask yourself, in which field of an area do you want to be recognized? When someone says your name, which expertise or profession it links with?  By answering these questions you begin to strategize your brand and makes it easier for you to setup goals and objective to become authentic.

How should we start this process? Through searching for yourself, I am not talking about the inner journey of your soul, but to Google yourself. It must sounds arbitrary but hear me out, by doing so you establish and discover your internet presence. When you apply for a job, according to the HR, the first most thing they would do to shortlist a candidate, is to type your name in Google. It gives them a good impression about you, if you have a good internet presence; and they also learn that how much knowledge or interest you haves about the industry you are applying to.

If you Google yourself and you have a pretty common name, you’ll find many user profiles. How to set yourself apart from them? Well, you can use your family name or a middle name.

For example, my name, Ali, is common in the South-Asia and Middle Eastern territory. Therefore I use my family name to stand out from all the Ali—s.

What can you do to create an impressionable internet presence?

Create a website about yourself, it is the best option to get your name on the search engines. You don’t need to be a web developer, graphic designer or even an artist to have a creative site. A simple site goes far way compare to an overly saturated site. You can start the site with three pages. Have an about me page, a resume page and a blog page. Later, you can always develop your page with projects. But for a quickie, lets us stuck with three pages for now.

Note: Share all your professional social links on the site. To make it easier for a potential employer to find you on the social platforms.

Having a professional site makes you more self-confident. The site becomes your digital resume, it shows all your accomplishments, makes you more credible and you can have more than a page. Most of the resumes that we email to the companies are usually one pagers but adding a site to that resume, you have just opened a vast collection about yourself for the employers to discover.

With the website you can take visitors on a journey that you have beautifully crafted. Just lay out all the work you have done and create a story. It make branding so much powerful and effective. Share your cherished professional moments, maybe a picture of an award you won or a seminar you have attended.

An amazing website can always be a factor to give a push on your application. And if you’re stumped on how to create a website. Well, I usually suggest people to take a paper and draw a layout on it. In professional UX design terms we call it wire-framing. Visually comprehend what you want to see if you were going to hire someone and then replicate it. Creating a website is like joining puzzle pieces but there are no wrong pieces. And you can always comeback update the pieces and even replace them.

Having an internet page is positioning yourself online with a strong narrative.

Let me know in the comments, do you have a website ?


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