First you’re going to identify possible influencers and/or decision makers from your top ten prospects. During the break-out sessions and refreshment breaks between each presentation, You will have the chance to network with your prospects and to set a meeting with them for demonstration of your product/service.

Before going to the meeting you need to have a set of goals written on a single sheet of paper. Your goals need to be clear and precise:

  • To network with influencers and decision makers
  • To set a meeting at their office
  • To demonstrate a personalized application of your product/service

Initiating in to networking, You must have these tools for sales all the time. A portfolio, pen, calculator and most important a business card. You will start with an opening line most preferably “Have you heard the speaker before? What do you know about him?” Then ‘introduced myself under 30-seconds’, your response will be “I am a title [your position at the company] at your company name.” At that time you will have the chance for ‘get to know you’ questions, like “Where do you work and what do you do?” this will help you to determine are they, influencers or the decision makers. After identifying them as the targets you’re going to handout them a business card and will say the following:

Mr. [Last Name], [your Full Name]. You can call me [your First Name], Can I call you [First name.]”

Example: Mr. John Doe, Sheikh Ali Mansoor. You can call me Ali, can I call you John?

State your tie down questions and setup a meeting date; and move to the next target with an exit strategy.

During your conversation with the targets, you need to observe the three basic components:

Think, in which you would have done the beforehand-research about them and talk about their organization.

Speak, about the benefits of your product/service and how it will help their organization.

Lastly Listen, where you will ask them open-ended questions, that will help you to find some common goals.

Keep in notice: you must remember to keep a smile on your face and look into the eyes [culturally appropriate in Western societies] as a respect. Also you will avoid generalities, avoid clichés and avoid grand promises. And most important to have enough business cards so that you don’t run out of them.


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