I’m here to help businesses create effective marketing strategies for an optimal solutions. Strategies that will increase the visibility and reach of your business.


Who Takes an Interest

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

I am a bi-lingual in English and Urdu; culturally diverse in Pakistan, Malaysia and the United States.  If you help me to train in your particular desired field, you might notice how a valuable asset I can be to your company.

BBA graduate with honors in Global Marketing Management; with experience in creating business plan, integrated marketing campaigns, sales budget and conducting market research. One of the few to combine marketing concepts, analytical skills with relevant computer software programs. Ability to work with teams to manage challenging projects.

With Different Skill Sets

“I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can mine to support himself and succeed in life.” – Dean Koontz

During the years of my life, I have learned many skill and used them to enhance my experience. I took part in Yles, Young Leader Entrepreneurship Summit, held in LUMS (Lahore University of Management and Sciences) Pakistan. Yles is a national competition where universities/colleges from all around Pakistan and international sent a group of 5 highly intellectual people to compete against each other from developing a business plan to shoot a 60 second spot.

This competition helped me to learn valuable skills such as

  • Research, both analytical and qualitative materials
  • Creative design
  • Using spreadsheets
  • Creating a sales forecast
  • Computing financial ratios
  • Video editing
  • Becoming a presenter

I entered in Taylor’s University business plan competition in Malaysia. The theme was Eco-friendly and I have to develop a product/service. Using all the skills I learned from Yles I was able to advance through the semi-finals; and gained a new skill, Leadership, I was the leader of the group. I also learned another skill Adobe Photoshop which broaden my skill set.

At Pace University, New York, I have acquired multitude of skills by working on campaigns for Pizza Hut, DIRECTV, LugIT app, Team Survivor New York and Fisher House.

These skills include

  • Analytical database
  • Research
  • Creating questionnaire
  • Applying analytical software tools to raw data and processing it into useful information
  • Design
    • logos
    • print ads
    • digital ads
    • direct mail
  • Creating Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Calculating Return On Investment

Who Loves Marketing

“Business has only two functions marketing and innovation.” – Peter Ducker

One day I was driving back from college, when I got a glimpse on a billboard ad for a bank loan, I believe it was for the Standard Chartered Bank. The ad displayed a newlywed couple in their wedding dresses and the body text said “You choose the best, we do the rest” and there I decided I can’t let anyone go through that bad advertisement and decided to take marketing major.

I always wanted to do something creative plus I was always fascinated by what intrigues people to do something, whether it was to buy or call to action. And the competitions that I took place, in which I had to come up with ways to advertise the product, really pushed me into marketing.

I like numbers, so the market research part did not scared me, rather it was fascinating to see the numbers and then to create a pattern, what is the story with that target. Though market research is challenging but it is also interesting how a variable can actually be your selling creative idea.

I really love the aspects of marketing. It keeps on evolving from television/print to digital media and whatever it holds in the future. I started watching creative ads whether taught in a lecture or watched on YouTube, it made me appreciate the creativeness part in advertising. I love how it is captivating like the Coca Cola ‘Share a Coke Campaign’ or Sony’s PlayStation ‘Greatness Awaits Campaign.’



Sheikh Ali in Pakistan

Spent my childhood and adolescence in Lahore with frequent visits of Karachi, did my high school and Cambridge O/A Levels from The City School. Met Imran Khan in his early political rally in Muree, and spent most of my time being what, Lahoris are famous for, indulging in food. Experienced Pakistan ads, especially the Coca-Cola, Coke Studio campaign where experiential and below the line marketing marketing is at its best.



Sheikh Ali in Malaysia

I traveled to Malaysia for higher education; where I got my real international exposure. I lived there for two years independently and began to understand the cultural diversification. I attended Taylor’s University and was enrolled in the American Degree Program. Here I understood the difference in advertising internationally and locally, e.g the brands used both in Pakistan and Malaysia, advertised contrast to each other; hence I grasp the term glocal advertising.

United States

Sheikh Ali in United States

Next, I moved to New York after transferring my credits from Malaysia to the Pace University in order complete my Bachelor’s. I graduated with a 3.51 GPA, Cum Laude in Bachelor’s of Business Administration with my concentration in Global Marketing Management. At this juncture I was open to the next-level of advertising and marketing. I experienced both the traditional and digital  essence of marketing and understood the concept of global advertising. I was truly immersed in the marketing and advertising ideas/theories. Therefore I joined two American marketing societies, American Marketing Association and American Advetising Federation. There was the first time I saw the operations of an advertising agency,

  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Publicis
  • Mac Gary Bowen
  • U-Marketing Agency
  • JWT

Creative Works



The Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge provides students with hands-on learning and real-world experience. Students are challenged to combine their knowledge, research, and creativity as they work in teams on a marketing assignment from a corporate leader, their client.

The Challenge: create an integrated marketing campaign targeted to DIRECTV customers in the U.S. to increase their participation in its “Refer-A-Friend” program.

Budget: $1 million.

What I did:

I was the campaign leader, therefore I had to delegate and motivate my team member. I supervised the market research and; take charge and make decisions during the brainstorming for the campaign ideas.

I came up with the tagline, Share the Experience, and illustrated the creatives of the campaign. Additionally I designed the whole mock campaign using Microsoft Word.

Please check the link for the complete campaign: DIRECTV PROJECT



Each year, a few thousand students across 150 college campuses compete to solve a marketing challenge for a corporate sponsor through the NSAC, allowing brands like Pizza Hut to get marketing insights directly from students trained in the art and science of advertising.

The 2015 NSAC will require teams to develop a written integrated marketing campaign proposal and a 20-minute presentation in response to a real-world case study, co-authored by Pizza Hut and the AAF Education Services department.

What I did:

I had to wear many hats while working on the Pizza Hut campaign

  • Market research,
    • I discovered a key finding which was used for the campaign.
  • Creative design
    • Created the tagline, Experience the Connection
  • Illustrator/art direction
    • Designed the poster for the campaign via Photoshop
  • Production
    • Person in charge for the post production of the print ads
  • Media budget
    • Calculated the campaign budget and ROI

Please check the link for the complete campaign: PizzaHut_PlansBook




Nat Ross Memorial Intern

I assisted in designing the website, logo and creating an exclusive marketing model.

About Mix; they are one of the nation’s longest-running marketing societies. They also stand for something that’s new. And that’s why they’ve just shortened their name to The Marketing Idea Exchange – or simply, The MIX – omitting the “D” for direct.

Quite simply:

The MIX is dedicated to helping top-level marketing execs navigate this new, rapidly evolving and ever more complex landscape – bridging traditional silos like online & offline, print & broadcast, sales & marketing, agency & client.


New Logo



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