How can Creative Managers Win-Over Procrastination?

Procrastination, the mother of all, ‘When is the deadline? [A week] Oh, no worries we still have 6 days left.” Or as Merriam-Webster puts it:  to put off [voluntarily] intentionally the doing of something that should be done. According to Joseph Ferrari, Professor at DePaul University, the cost of procrastination for businesses in 2012 were $10,396 per employee. Info-graphic by Agil8 states that there are a number of factors working away behind the scenes in your subconscious, driving you towards procrastinating:

Rebelliousness – The assertion of one’s free will against an imposed task, refusing to be told what to do.

Timing – How long before the task is rewarded/punished.

Impulsiveness – When something more fun pops up, you can’t help but be distracted by it. [This can’t be true because our work in fun, right?]

Neurotic-ism – How unpleasant the task seems in itself.

Aversiveness – Worrying about a task or its outcome can delay working on it.

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How to Lock a Potential Client at a Convention

First you’re going to identify possible influencers and/or decision makers from your top ten prospects. During the break-out sessions and refreshment breaks between each presentation, You will have the chance to network with your prospects and to set a meeting with them for demonstration of your product/service.

Before going to the meeting you need to have a set of goals written on a single sheet of paper. Your goals need to be clear and precise:

  • To network with influencers and decision makers
  • To set a meeting at their office
  • To demonstrate a personalized application of your product/service

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