Your Brand Is the Foundation of ‘You’ Campaign

Kris Jones, chairmen of Internet Marketing Ninja, we need to be authentic, as successful branders create connections by being real people. Add value, don’t sell yourself but be how valuable you are to them, share information. Lastly engage with your employees, employers and everyone which has an impact on your personal brand.

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Is Big Data now a thing of a past? – Part 1

This two-part post will discuss they current nature of Big Data, the programmatic marketing and market automation. For the last two years Big Data had become a prominent buzz word in the digital marketing community. Where both data scientist and market analyst spent most of their time decoding the relevancy of Big Data. Now in 2016 is Big Data still crucial to our campaigns, idea generations and creatives OR has it just become a thing of the past?  Continue reading “Is Big Data now a thing of a past? – Part 1”

Engagement Marketing

Marketo, a leading marketing software company, released an e-book on ‘The 5 Principles of Engagement Marketing’ they state, engagement marketing is about creating meaningful interactions with people.

Their principal based on who they are (As individuals) and what they do, continuously over time. It’s marketing that engages people towards a goal (Direct towards an outcome). Wherever they are, and it’s marketing that is backed by both creative vision and hard data. …

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In this digital era of social media, big data and ever-changing algorithms; we are able to collect, process and create a specific behavior pattern of the consumer. This enable marketers to create an innovative, personal and effective hands on campaign; which allows access to the customers to communicate with the brand by engaging through social networking and/or participating live with the brand. Engagement Marketing helps to make an interactive relationship between the brand and consumer into an intimate bond.