The Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge provides students with hands-on learning and real-world experience. Students are challenged to combine their knowledge, research, and creativity as they work in teams on a marketing assignment from a corporate leader, their client.

The Challenge: create an integrated marketing campaign targeted to DIRECTV customers in the U.S. to increase their participation in its “Refer-A-Friend” program. Your Budget: $1 million.

What we did:
1. Conducted an extensive primary and secondary research on DIRECTV and it’s competitor, and the satellite entertainment industry.
2. Identified the Target Segments via the use of Ideamap,  this high-speed, high impact tool is for managers looking to test a wide range of concepts or ideas for new products, advertising, messaging or general competitive intelligence.
3. Develop a direct marketing and creative strategy, while calculating the Return On Investment (ROI) for the campaign.


Click here to download the campaign book: DIRECTV PROJECT


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