Each year, a few thousand students across 150 college campuses compete to solve a marketing challenge for a corporate sponsor through the NSAC, allowing brands like Pizza Hut to get marketing insights directly from students trained in the art and science of advertising.

The 2015 NSAC will require AAF college chapter teams to develop a written integrated marketing campaign proposal and a 20-minute presentation in response to a real-world case study, co-authored by Pizza Hut and the AAF Education Services department.

What we did:
1. Conducted an extensive research on Pizza Hut and its competitors, all in the different marketing and advertising channels used. While also identifying the target segments for Pizza Hut.
2. Created a visually striking ad, including :30 and :60 spots, print ads and developed an improved version of Pizza Hut app.
3. Calculated the media weight and media budget required to implement the campaign for a six month period.

Click here to download the plans-book: PizzaHut_PlansBook


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